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I have been out of the website making business for a while now but I kept these templates because they were a part of what made me the graphic designer that I am today. The following templates were created for clients, friends, and associates. A few were even created for myself because I am forever making changes and improvements. Web design has always been a hobby for me.

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Mary Mother of the Light

Mary Mother of the Light Maronite Website Design

The Mary, Mother of the Light website was created for a client that needed to update their current website and be able to add content to it on a regular basis. This was my first project out of school and likely one of my most challenging websites. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about problem solving during this time. I fought and conquered drop down menus, photo galleries, and client system managers.

The website graphics for the template were created solely by me. The images used on the website were provided by the client. This website is still up and running. The logo that is now on the website is not my design. Click here to visit Mary Mother of the Light, Maronite Catholic Church.

Immeasurable Theatre

Immeasurable Theatre website template

For a while, I belonged to a community theatre called Immeasurable Theatre. It was decided that I would be re-designing their website for them. The idea came from a painting the scenic artist did and just old school theatre charm.

The new logo for the theatre group was designed and made by me using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.

My previous portfolio website

To be honest, this site has gone through several transformations. Some might have been for the best, others probably not so much. But I was always about experimenting and trying new things. It was always a way to not only learn code but become a better graphic designer.

Web Design Portfolio

The idea with each of my portfolio design is to present a little bit of myself to the viewer. I love the beach. I love collecting sea shells, I enjoy listening to the sound of the waves, and just looking at this template makes me feel at home at least. However, it wasn't too friendly to mobile users...

The island scene was drawn by me using Illustrator.

About Maggie

She loves the ocean and collecting seashells. Her perfect vacation is kayaking down the springs. Sheloves the water and being out in nature. Recently, she's taken up Zumba so that she can still eat like she did in her 20's. Most importantly, Maggie is a proud fur parent.

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