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Book covers, flyers, logos and more!
Christian Fiction Fantasy Romance Novel
Skilled in both photoshop and Illustrator


Maggie Elizabeth Phillippi is a Graphic Designer at a local printing company. She started out designing websites for small organizations but left the coding behind to focus more on the graphic side of her profession. Along with websites, she's also designed a few book covers, logos, and flyers.

When she isn't focussed on designing, Maggie is often day dreaming about characters in far off places. It wasn't until she met her co-author, Julie Bihn, that she managed to sit down and complete a work of fiction. If you like Christian romance, be sure to check out the new fantasy, The Healer and the Pirate. Maggie Phillippi's author page on amazon. The Kinyn Chronicles website.


Graphic Design

Graphic Designer Portfolio

Explore Maggie's portfolio. She has a Graphic Web Design Certificate from Palm Beach State College. Some hand drawn art is also included.

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Christian Fiction Novel

The Healer and the Pirate is Maggie's first published book that she co-authored with Julie Bihn. If you like Christian fiction with a little bit of fantasy, you might like The Healer and the Pirate!

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A Writer's Blog

Learn more about Maggie's projects and where the past year has taken her. She loves to stay connected with like-minded people and could use the encouragement to post more!

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About Maggie

She loves the ocean and collecting seashells. Her perfect vacation is kayaking down the springs. Sheloves the water and being out in nature. Recently, she's taken up Zumba so that she can still eat like she did in her 20's. Most importantly, Maggie is a proud fur parent.

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